July 1, 2021

CTV Funding News - 1H 2021 in Review (Intro)

Cutting through 1H2021 Aussie and NZ venture and funding news.

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Good Morning Subscribers,

A special welcome to the 204 of you that joined in June. Of course, a big thanks to those who referred them.

Cut Through Venture is a little different this month. It's our 1H 2021 in Review, which means three separate chart-o-holic emails next week:

Deals: we slice and dice the deal data for the first half of the year

Companies: then dig into the stars of the show

People: and bring it home with a deep dive into the founders and investors who made the half fire!

Below is a little teaser of what's to come (it's been a big half!)

Asks for July: 1) Be one of CTV's first Twitter Followers. And give a shout out to your favourite startups from the half, or call me out on any deals I missed! 2) Forward this to your friends who you think will enjoy it.

Stay safe and sane, and I'll see you Monday...

Become one of our first Twitter followers (really)

Become one of our first Twitter followers (really)

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