Cut Through Angels is a sector-agnostic angel investing syndicate that leverages its deep industry network to co-invest with the best and deliver value beyond capital for startups.

For Startups, our streamlined application process allows us to invest with speed and conviction. Our strong connections within the venture capital ecosystem can provide exposure and support as you progress through your product journey and future funding rounds. Our extensive network of over 300+ members can help open doors, provide technical support or champion your product. 

We offer our Angels an opportunity to access venture-quality opportunities and invest alongside Australia's top funds. You can invest at industry-low minimum investment thresholds, and our fees are the lowest in the Australian market. We also provide access to educational materials, industry events and masterclasses. 

For Angels

Invest with us


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Our deep industry network to co-invest with the best
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Receive exclusive access and deal flow to your inbox


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Take advantage of our founder and angel resources
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Get invitations to exclusive events and masterclasses


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Build an investment portfolio on a deal-by-deal basis
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Access opportunities at industry-low minimum investment thresholds

For Startups

Receive Investment

HOw we invest

We are sector-agnostic investors, allowing us to explore diverse opportunities that align with our network's interests and expertise.

We invest in startups where we can deliver value beyond capital via our industry network and platform.

We focus on the Pre-seed and Seed stages, with the flexibility to invest in later rounds by exception. 

We invest up to $300,000 in each opportunity and will continue to invest in future rounds when they occur.  

We play well with others – whilst we don't lead rounds, we work hand-in-glove with a startup's lead VC investor (and at times will help identify one).

Why partner with us

Our fast and efficient application and review process makes us an easy partner, resulting in confident and speedy decision-making.

Our extensive industry involvement has enabled us to establish strong and deep relationships with fellow investors, enabling ongoing connections for our portfolio companies along the funding journey. 

We support our investment stable by harnessing the expertise from our network of 300+ Angels. 

We can leverage our platform and broad distribution to amplify our portfolio companies' visibility and reach.


If you are ready for external funding, the first step is to complete our online application form. This short-form application takes about 10 minutes to complete. Our team will review all submissions in detail, and we will respond to each one. 


Following the initial screening, we will invite applicants to a first date with our investment team. You can run through the vision and update us on how you are tracking, and it'll give each of us a chance to get to know each other. 

Due Diligence

If our team pick up what you are putting down, we will need to get into the nuts and bolts – we'll do some number crunching and deeper analysis of the market, customers, and roadmap. We aim to do this at pace, and we will tap into our angel network for gurus in the subject field.


We will agree on a firm dollar commitment and work with you and your lead investor on the timely execution of documents.

We invest Australia wide, but we proudly partner with LaunchVic to activate investment into future Victorian unicorns, and shine a spotlight on the Victorian startup ecosystem.