January 1, 2023

CTV Funding News - December 2022

Welcome to the Cut Through update for January, where we slice and dice December startup funding. Enjoy!

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Happy New Year ! A few changes around here to kick off 2023.

I pressed send on the first edition of Cut Through Venture in May last year. The email went to 86 friends and family who I knew, at a minimum, wouldn't report me as spam. Today, more than 20,000 people across the globe receive our charts and attempts at serious but digestible analysis each month.

But today is the final edition of Cut Through Venture in the monthly newsletter format. Rather than a monthly newsletter, Cut Through will deliver ecosystem data and insights via an "always on" free startup funding dashboard and quarterly publications. We might even shoot off a special edition if we spot an exciting trend.

The dashboard goes live at CutThrough.com in March.

We'll also continue to look for interesting opportunities to collaborate with other good actors in the ecosystem. If you're a fund, a startup, a large organization, an academic institution, or a government body that wants to partner, please reach out to Kristine here.

And on partnership, I would like to give my genuine thanks to Google Cloud for supporting the newsletter for the past year. Their cornerstone support allowed us to focus on doing meaningful work, rather than chasing sponsors.

The Cut Through Angels syndicate is now live and investing. Syndicate members made their first investment (open to all) into Aerotruth in December. Using Aerotruth, enterprises can simplify the excruciating partner onboarding process. We invested alongside some of our closest friends, including Archangel and Afterwork. You can join the Cut Through Angel network here, and if you're looking for Pre-seed or Seed investment, apply here.

Finally, if you're raising your Series A or B round, or know a killer startup who is, shoot me an email at cgillings@fivevcapital.com.

Thanks for reading.


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It's the final edition but also the shortest edition!

It's best not to give away too many details about December because we are just weeks away from releasing the 2022 edition of the State of Australian Startup Funding report with our friends at Folklore and more than 80 other investors and ecosystem partners.

Keep an eye out for info about our virtual launch event.

That's it. Have a good week.