April 1, 2023

Cut Through Quarterly 1Q 2023

Australian venture capital funding report for 1Q 2023.

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Good Morning ,

Welcome to Cut Through Venture's inaugural quarterly update, replacing our monthly report. Our new format allows us to offer a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the startup ecosystem. Our goal is to provide higher-level insights rather than frequent news digests, and this reporting cadence aligns with that objective.

Cut Through Quarterly extends beyond ecosystem funding analysis to encompass investor insights gathered from our startup investor survey. We will conduct quarterly surveys to understand investor sentiment and identify additional insights not provided by funding data alone. The Q1 survey elicited responses from 141 startup investors. In addition to this change, our analysis will no longer cover equity crowdfunding.

We commence the report amidst challenging times for many Australian startups. In Q1, 9% of surveyed investors saw at least one of their portfolio companies shutter operations. With limited immediate startup funding, founders must deliver growth while significantly managing costs.

While we don't enjoy reporting negative news, we believe that providing reliable insights into the funding landscape is even more critical during a challenging environment.

You can read the report here, or here.


The Cut Through Team

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