November 1, 2022

How To Invest In Startups

A summary of one of our favourite blog posts from Sam Altman

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Altman is an American entrepreneur, investor, and programmer. He was the co-founder of Loopt and is the current CEO of OpenAI. He was the president of Y Combinator and was previously the CEO of Reddit.

Here's a brief rundown we've prepared of the most interesting points.

  1. Access
  • Work hard, and network genuinely to help other investors and founders.
  • Offer assistance to companies in your investment-sourcing network.
  • Build a strong brand, e.g., by writing long-form content.
  1. Decision-making
  • Identify great founders by evaluating their improvement rate, determination, ambition, and other qualities.
  • Predict markets with high growth potential and identify startups riding the wave of new, rapidly growing platforms.
  • Focus on opportunities that could become $10 billion companies.
  • Beware of investing in bad founders with good ideas or chasing investments based on popularity.
  1. Closing Investments
  • Utilize traditional sales tactics, and spend time with founders.
  • Leverage your reputation for being helpful and founder-friendly.
  • Be decisive and show your conviction.
  • Treat founders as peers.
  1. Supporting Founders
  • Encourage founders to think bigger and set ambitious goals.
  • Offer specific, tactical advice on achieving those goals.
  • Wait until asked to provide help, but proactively intervene when they're about to make a big mistake.
  • Offer emotional support and be a friend to founders.

By understanding these key aspects, investors can navigate the startup investing landscape more effectively and contribute positively to the success of their investments.

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