February 6, 2024

State of Australian Startup Funding 2023

A data-driven detailed review of the Australian startup funding ecosystem for 2023

2023 was undoubtedly challenging for the global startup funding ecosystem. But as we enter 2024, there is reason for hope with confidence from founders and investors that the worst of things are behind us.

To help make sense of it, Cut Through Venture and Folklore Ventures collaborated with 119 funds, syndicates and ecosystem champions, analysed close to 1000 survey responses and grabbed written insights from more than 70+ investing experts.

We explore the funding numbers that defined 2023, and the bright spots and opportunities within the Australian startup ecosystem.

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Thank you to our supporters.

And the 119 organisations who chose to collaborate.

This report would not be possible without the generous support of countless individuals and organisations who helped make it happen.

Chris would like to give thanks to Simon McKendry, Rhianna Dunn, Alister Coleman, Rochelle Ritchie, Laura Warden, Loren Conibeer, Kristine Pangilinan, Preethi Mohan, Sandra Suen, Sriya Nandivada, Akanksha Agarwal, Jamyson Gouveros, and Harrison Adkin for their time and generosity in compiling the third edition of The State of Australian Startup Funding.

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